Hell of a sight to come home to… Brother lying dead on the floor. No idea it was a Winchester that had done it.

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Go ahead, send me back… if you can.

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yoo I doodled a stickerimage

you can get it here

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Please consider emailing Time magazine at to get them to reconsider not putting Laverne Cox on their list. She overwhelmingly got voted in at 91.5%, but was not put on there. Meanwhile, Carrie Underwood had 25% of the vote and was put on there.
The erasure of trans women, and women of color needs to stop. Ms. Cox does nothing but good work.

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Sam Winchester [8.16]

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“well that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”


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favorite character meme: 1/8 quotes

"Oh, college boy thinks he’s so smart."

Fan: Jared, you play Sam as this guy who is a *rawr* Gigantor!! What it’s like in real life? Do you kick down doors and break things?

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S W E E T I E (9x19)

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It’s hitting the fan.

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